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Joseph on the Question of Assisted Suicide
added:9 Nov 2009
Joseph on the Question of 2012
added:5 Nov 2009
Joseph on the Question of Animals' Contribution to the Positivity of the Field
added:5 Nov 2009
Joseph on the Question of Infant Death
added:5 Nov 2009



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Janes Diary 7 

Welcome to Michael and Jane’s Website of Spiritual Wisdom and Wellbeing.

The aim of this website is to make the inspirational teachings from Higher Realms freely available to spiritual seekers across the globe as part of the movement to raise the collective consciousness of mankind.

Michael G. Reccia has channelled spirit communication for over 25 years - during which time he has conducted thousands of private readings, given countless public demonstrations (including trance), held workshops, taught meditation, produced spiritual books and CD’s and is regularly involved in spirit rescue.

Working closely with his life-partner, Jane, he firmly believes that the true importance of spirit communication is not simply to prove evidence of life after death but to provide a blueprint for a better life before death through channelled spiritual teachings that will make a difference to this world.

Michael and Jane dedicate much of their lives to making this channelled information available and are assisted in this task by David, Maria Luisa and the other members of The Band of Light.

Illumination: Joseph's Vision

Just out: Illumination: Joseph’s Vision – a powerful new spiritual manual for personal and global transformation.

At a time when society has never been so violent, materialistic and selfish, Illumination gives you the power to make a difference and demonstrates how a better world is attainable for yourself and for every other soul on this planet.


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Just out - 'An Audience with Joseph' on DVD

DVD - an audience with JosephOffering you an opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of a public trance demonstration, see Michael as he channels Joseph answering audience questions.

Covering a variety of spiritual topics - such as healing and the causes of illnesses, tuning into the God within, thinking from the the heart-mind, raising global consciousness, combating dark energies, personal spiritual growth, methods of meditation, the nature of angels ...and many more.

This enlightening 90-minute DVD will prove invaluable to those seeking to expand their spiritual understanding.

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Clip of Michael channelling Joseph at the first Joseph Trance demonstartion (recorded at The Sanctuary of Healing - 3rd June 2009).

Revelation: Joseph Speaks STILL AVAILABLE:
a book that will change your world!

Joseph, the spirit guide who has lived many times on Earth, spent three years communicating his vital message for all people through Michael G. Reccia. Joseph's remarkable book Revelation is available now as a 162 page paperback.

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Lumen: volume 1- the journal of the Band of Light

Featured in this issue is the previously unseen bonus lecture from Joseph on Positive and Negative plus the Persian Gentleman’s controversial thoughts on Religion, a brand new lecture from the Big Indian and an introduction to the new guide – Joachim. Lumen also gives you news about the Band of Light’s projects.

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